• Faculty of ALL ranks should bear budgetary limitations equally. It is blatantly unfair to further burden the English Department’s—and university’s—most exploited class of faculty with an uncompensated addition to our workload. We are already vastly underpaid (see MCCCD’s Residential Faculty Salary Schedule).
  • Instructors have already undergone a 20% increase in our workload due to the “enrollment creep” that has occurred over the past year and the budget shortfalls in 2011; classes formerly capped at 19 are now routinely loaded with 23-25 students.
  • The English Department Currently values teaching an overload of 5/5 for $6,000-$6,300/year on top of the individual’s current pay with a service exemption. Thus, the current proposal of teaching 5/5 with no service for no additional pay would actually be a pay cut for some individuals.
  • Removing Instructor service responsibilities will further disenfranchise the already most marginalized class of English Department faculty, since we will no longer have a voice on the Writing Programs Committee; an English Department representative at the monthly meetings (as a non-voting observer); or input on the Textbook Committee, Library Liaison Committee, Committee for Innovation in Online Teaching, Second Language Committee, Stretch Committee, Professional Writing Committee, or E-Portfolio Initiative.
  • Removing Instructor service responsibilities will leave other committees short handed or eliminate* them entirely, since we currently also serve on The Writing Notes Committee, Teaching Awards Committee*, Writer’s Place Committee, National Day on Writing Celebration Planning Committee, Composition Conference Steering and Support Committees*, Mentorship Committee*, Homecoming Committee, Department Newsletter Committee, Fall Charity Drive Committee and Obama Scholars Committee.

4 thoughts on “Statement

  1. Dear ASU faculty: Do not just roll over and take this. It’s time for adjuncts and tenured faculty to take back the university for the good of our students. You have national allies whether you are or can be unionized or not. Use the power of the press, the power of shame, the power of public picketing to show your community how ASU shortchanges its students and robs its faculty while #badmin feather their own nests. Make allies of students and parents. Administrators should not be making decisions like these; these are pedagogical decisions they are not qualified to make and your students and parents should understand this. Do not take this lying down.


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