#NAWD, Fear, and Teaching Assignments

Yesterday we were all notified that our teaching assignments were solidified. Guess what? All the instructors have five classes next fall. And Guess what? The pay and the details of our contracts have yet to be ironed out. This goes to show that in the New American University, life goes on. Students start registering for classes on Feb 26, so regardless of OUR fuzzy situation, the show must go on. Since our last post – since the UNCLEAR email from our Department chair – we’ve had NO MORE clarification on our situation besides the schedules for our 5 classes appearing in our mailboxes yesterday. We’ve had NO PERSONAL meeting with the chair. Many of us have emailed and waited for MONTHS for a response from the chair. Will we all get $4,000 more? Will it be for Just PhD holding instructors? What about service that we’ve already been asked to do for the Fall 2015 semester? Will that service amount to course release?

Sigh. These questions are up in the air, yet our department has clearly made scheduling decisions. They wouldn’t want to make it seem like there’s a hiccup in ASU’s administration or scheduling. Similarly, today is National Adjunct Walkout Day, and ASU English Instructor’s “honoring” of this day is sterile at best. Why, might you ask? One simple word. Fear. Arizona is a right to work state, and we wouldn’t want to lose our jobs. Similarly, our President, Provost, Dean, and Department Chair don’t support our cause (if they did, they wouldn’t be exploiting our talent); therefore, we are fearful that they could easily retaliate and take our jobs. Furthermore we care about our students. We don’t think that we can miss a day of instruction and put this all back on the students.

All of these fears are irrational; yet, they stand in the way of us really gathering as a group in solidarity. We’ve been exploited and disrespected by upper administration. On this, day, we ask everyone to think about how easily NTTF become complacent in their situations – so much so that a simple walkout (day of non-instruction) seems impossible to most. We’d also like to echo the statement that we’ve received no formal support from TT faculty (or anyone else with protected status); thus, fighting this battle alone has been tough and scary. It is without formal support that we trudge along, slowly – fighting for fair compensation in our jobs. We will continue to do so, and we will try not to be overcome with fear.


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