English Instructors at ASU Tempe teach a 4/4 course load (which reflects 80% of their employment duties) with a 20% service commitment. The instructor position is a year-to-year contracted position. The base salary for this position is 30,000/year with an M.A. or 32,000/year with an MFA or a PhD. Currently there is no chance for promotion within the instructor rank among individuals without a PhD; individuals with PhDs may apply for lecturer positions as they become available.

33 of the 60 ASU instructors are former graduate of the ASU English Department.


Instructors teach most of the courses for the Writing Programs (ENG 101, 102, 105, 107, 108, 216, 218, 200, 301, 302). Also, Instructors are committed to signing  honors contracts with students and are considered to be affiliated with Barrett Honors College Faculty.

Currently there are 60 instructors in ASU’s Writing Programs. Instructors teach approximately 240 courses in the Writing Programs per semester. This number may be be a little higher because some instructors choose to teach a course overload for additional pay.


Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 4.00.37 PM

Based on the Fall 2014 numbers, this means Instructors teach approximately 46% of the courses offered in Writing Programs.

Instructors perform the following service roles for the English department:

  • Writing Notes Newsletter Committee
  • Teaching Awards Committee
  • Writer’s Place Committee
  • National Day on Writing Celebration Planning Committee
  • Library Liaison Committee
  • Writing Center Liaison Committee
  • Composition Conference Steering Committee
  • Composition Conference Support Committee
  • Mentorship Committee
  • Textbook Committee
  • Committee for Innovation in Online Teaching
  • Second Language Writing Committee
  • Stretch Committee
  • Professional Writing Committee
  • WPC Committee Representative (elected)
  • Governance Task Force
  • Outcomes Revision Planning Task Force
  • English Department Representative (elected)
  • Homecoming Committee
  • Dept Newsletter
  • Fall Charity Drive
  • Obama Scholars
  • Digication E-portfolio Initiative

Many of these service projects help to professionalize Writing Programs instructors. Service performed to increase Writing Programs visibility on campus further contributes to the visibility of the English Department. Furthermore, many of these service commitments are staffed solely by lecturers, instructors, FAs, and TAs and do not rely on the involvement of tenure track Faculty.


In 2011, Writing Programs absorbed a department budget shortfall of two million dollars by increasing class sizes from 19 to 25 students without a pay increase for instructors.This meant that our teaching prevented significant budget cuts in other areas of the department.

Currently, Writing Programs instructors are being asked once again to absorb the Department’s budget issues by teaching a 5/5 load with no additional pay.

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